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Project Description
The SplitterPanel WebControl looks and works like the splitter panel seen on the MSDN website. The SplitterPanel WebControl splits page content between two seperate and scrollable areas with a moveable divider in between. The control provides several client side events and supports recent versions of IE, FireFox, and Chrome. SplitterPanel now available through NuGet

Control Features
  • Written in C# with .NET 4.0 (downgradable if you are still on 3.5 or 2.0)
  • Does not require any 3rd party libraries
  • CSS driven and fully styleable
  • Press "t" to toggle left pane on-and-off just like on MSDN website
  • Works with Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Chrome
  • Crunched JavaScript with the Microsoft Ajax Minifier
  • Robust client side library with the following events:
    • Dragging
    • Resizing
    • Resized
    • Toggling
    • Toggled
  • System.Web.Extensions
  • Microsoft Ajax Minifier
  • Does not require the Ajax Toolkit

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